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Citizen Engagement and Good Governance

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Initiative on NGO Expert Center Sustainability

Дата начала: 4/1/16 Дата завершения: 12/31/16

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The experience of previous four years of the project and EFCA`s other similar projects in the area of institutional development of NGOs has shown the need to develop more sustainable and systematic model of building capacities of NGOs and provide solutions for their increased sustainability and efficiency. The main  challenge in the organizational development of the most NGOs is to maintain financial sustainability.

There is an emerging need for NGOs to become more independent from government and donor funding, financially resilient and accountable for their activities. All this calls for a movement from the traditional NGO model to that of a social enterprise.

Project goal:

To strengthen capacities of NGO Expert Centre and NGOs in Kazakhstan for improved social services provision.

Project objectives:

  • To increase capacities of NGO leaders to support institutional development and financial sustainability of NGOs. 
  • To strengthen the NGO Expert Centre capacity in providing methodical and consultancy support for NGO sector.

Expected results: 

  • To work out a strategy of development of commercial services;
  • Launch pilot projects;
  • The development of entrepreneurial thinking;
  • Expansion of the existing paid services.

Project geography:

South Kazakhstan and Almaty regions

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To strengthen capacities of NGO Expert Centre and NGOs in Kazakhstan for improved social services provision.


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