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December 25, 2017

Research results on the rights of vulnerable groups presented in Astana

Round table on research results was held in the framework of the “Reforming Legal Aid For the Vulnerable in Kazakhstan” project being implemented

December 7, 2017

Training “Inclusive building design: construction and accessibility for PWD” brought together

Public Foundation “Accessible Pavlodar” hosted in Pavlodar 12 trainings “Inclusive building design: construction and accessibility for people

December 6, 2017

Almaty oblast akimat awarded USAID project with money certificate

Non-Government Organizations Forum of Almaty oblast “Competitiveness. Pragmatism. Transparency” took place on November 28-29, 2017 in the city of

СSR Promotion

More and more companies in Central Asia are recognizing the importance of taking responsibility for their employees, the wider community, and the environment. Since 2000, EFCA has assisted more than 50 companies in developing and implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies. EFCA promotes CSR practices in the region and helps companies realize the many advantages to doing business responsibly.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way of doing business, in which companies apply high standards of ethical and responsible business to all of their engagements and operations with stakeholders.

CSR goes beyond the basic responsibilities required by law and expects organizations to voluntarily adopt additional measures to increase quality of life among employees and their families, as well as within the local community and for society as a whole.

EFCA supports the following initiatives on an ongoing basis:


The website is an open communication and education platform, created with the aim of increasing awareness about CSR in Kazakhstan and providing a broad audience with access to a comprehensive body of practical information and relevant resources. The website was created through the initiative of the CSR Working Group facilitated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan.

Through the course of meetings and discussions on CSR, it has become clear that a large number of companies, NGOs, and government agencies are interested in CSR development. Finding a common language to discuss CSR among diverse stakeholders has been a challenge, due in part to the lack of common understanding of CSR principles, limited coordination across initiatives, and the wide geographic distances separating stakeholders.

Through CSR programs, we believe that the private and non-commercial sectors can be valuable resources for the development of new ideas and solutions to the social issues which affect communities.

“CSR Club in Kazakhstan”

The CSR Club in Kazakhstan was created in 2011. Club members are representatives of the business sector, non-government organizations, universities, and international organizations.

Mission: The mission of the Club is to promote the formation and development of a culture of corporate social responsibility by promoting and disseminating best practices for effective partnership development between state, business, and civil society, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

Objectives of the Club:

  • Disseminate and popularize best practices in CSR
  • Foster effective dialogue on CSR among diverse stakeholder groups (NGO, business sector, government)


Project on the “Publication of the first Kazakhstan Industry-based Business Handbook fo Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Kazakhstan”

The CSR business handbook was developed in the broader context of a number of a key strategies and initiatives adopted by the Republic of Kazakhstan over the last decade.

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