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Получатели Описание Конкурс Проект Донор Год Сумма
"Charitable Fund" KOMEK ", Astana Increasing the availability of people with higher needs for social / affordable housing through the detailed research and study of the needs and opportunities for the acquisition of the housing for the given category of people, preparing recommendations for solving this issue at the legislative level with the involvement of all interested parties.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2016 5 370 000 тг.
Public Fund «TANDAU FOUNDATION», Pavlodar Providing disabled people unhindered access to facilities and services in the priority spheres of life in the city of Pavlodar, Formation of the catalog of objects of the social infrastructure and services, evaluation of their accessibility, holding photography and video review of each object (in the following priority areas: public (municipal) administration, health, social protection of the population, education and science, physical culture, sport and etc.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2016 5 298 400 тг.
Corporate Fund "Erekshe Tandau-Shelek", Almatinskaya oblast, Shelek Improving access to public services for the people with disabilities in remote areas of Sheleksky region for the development of the institutional good governance and systemic interaction between civil society organizations and government agencies, as well as informing the people who receive service to enhance legal awareness.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2016 5 268 686 тг.