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May 29, 2020

Qolda emergency assistance project

As part of the Qolda emergency assistance project, NGOs in Nur-Sultan continued implementation of their initiatives.
May 20, 2020

Qolda emergency assistance project

The newsletter contains information on activities of 11 humanitarian assistance projects, who received grants from Chevron. Last week, five
March 18, 2020

EFCA is moving to remote work

Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization as well as the Kazakhstan President's decree on an emergency to ensure the public safety

April 10, 2015

First MBA program for the Non-Governmental Sector in Kazakhstan

In September, the first MBA program in Kazakhstan for “Non-Profit Management” was launched by the NGO Expert Center and the Public Policy Program at Almaty Management University and the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA). The program is part of the “Initiative for NGO Expert Development”, supported by Chevron in Kazakhstan.

Introductory lessons for the inaugural class of the “Non-Profit Management” MBA program were held September 26-28 at Almaty Management University. Over the course of three days, program participants – including non-profit administrators and specialists, young NGO leaders, and members of initiative groups – immersed themselves in intensive study of leadership, team formation, micro- and macro-economics, organizational behavior, and management in the non-profit sector. Sessions were held by experienced business trainers:

Akmaral Altaliyeva, doctor of economics, independent consultant and business trainer, instructor in the School of Business at Alma Management University

Alma Temirbekova, doctor of economics, professor in Kazakhstan.

Ruslan Kalimullin, MBA, business trainer and consultant in the spheres of leadership and human resource development.

Olga Zaluchenova, Department Head, “Management and Entrepreneurship”, doctor of economics

Lyaila Izbembetova, author, speaker, and trainer; consultant in the spheres of human resource management and strategic planning

The primary goal of the program is to contribute to the development of a sustainable and competitive non-profit sector in Kazakhstan.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • improve the quality of NGO management and project management;
  • provide analytical, consultative, methodological, educational, informational, and technical support in any sphere of NGO activity;
  • apply new skills to the planning and implementation of social projects;
  • apply new skills in grant-writing, donor development, and project reporting, according to the requirements of the government social contracting system as well as other international donor organizations.

The program provides an education from the top instructors at Almaty Management University as well as external practitioners in the sphere of civil society development.

For the 14 students in the MBA program, the introductory lessons marked the start of a two-year journey of intensive distance learning. At the end of the program, students will be awarded with the academic degree “Masters of Business Administration” with a focus on Non-Profit Management. Graduates will receive a degree recognized by the government of Kazakhstan.

 “The three days in Almaty flew by during the introductory session for students in the Non-Profit Management MBA program, and I was thrilled to be part of the program. For me, the three intensive days can be characterized by the five subjects we studied, the incredibly active group of students, the ambitious plans we have for the next two years, and motivation to improve ourselves,” said Elena Luzynina, MBA student. Thank you to the organizers of the program for the opportunities and the challenges, to Ainur Kuanishova for taking care of us, to the trainers and instructors for challenging our minds, to the whole group for the next experience, for accepting everyone for who they are, and for friendship and willingness to help each other!”

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