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March 2, 2018

Workshop on social model of disability was held in Pavlodar

Corporate Fund “Erekshe Tandau Shelek” jointly with Public Foundation “Accessible Pavlodar” launched in Pavlodar a 4-month training course
February 21, 2018

Social experiment in Taldykorgan: to taste darkness

Corporate Fund “Erekshe Tandau Shelek” hosted social flash mob “Dark café” in Taldykorgan on February 15, 2018. The event was organized
January 26, 2018

Steering Committee meeting of the EU-funded project "Reforming Legal Aid for the Vulnerable" held

Steering Committee on research results was held in the framework of the “Reforming Legal Aid For the Vulnerable in Kazakhstan” project being

February 21, 2018

USAID hosted workshop on social project management in Almaty

Public Foundation «Women’s Leadership Fund» (USAID/GGIF project “TEENS: affordable and qualitative assistance”) hosted in Almaty on February 15, 2018 a workshop on social project management.

The event was initiated within the Capacity building component of Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF) program and aimed at sharing of experience with NGOs through practical trainings. Applications to participate in the workshop arrived from 69 NGOs, civil society activists, social entrepreneurs.

Thus, the head of the USAID/GGIF project “TEENS: affordable and qualitative assistance” Svetlana Bogatyreva shared with project successes starting from 2006.

”The goal of the workshop was to prove the expertise of NGO in social sphere, and to find like-minded figures to realize the advocacy strategy of the project. Both tasks have been accomplished. Attendees requested to share the presentation, which later will reach them by email. We expected to have not more than 10 participants, but the topic turned to be very actual, and we managed to find an appropriate format to arise an interest on the part of community, and to be useful for our project”, - said Svetlana Bogatyreva, the head of the USAID/GGIF project “TEENS: affordable and qualitative assistance”.

The workshop highlighted the following issues: how to correctly formulate a problem; and how that influences the project and its success; what are the benefits of advocacy strategy; what is the effectiveness of stakeholders; useful contacts exchange, etc. 

”I liked free and relaxing atmosphere of the training. We had a chance to communicate, exchange ideas. I changed the vision of my own project, and tried to find ”common ground” with TEENS. Now my idea is to think that over and find possible ways for cooperation. We need such meetings, they help to get rid of routine and gain enough power for further activities”, - said Maya Suinchaliyeva, workshop participant.

Attendees received handouts and other training materials.

TEENS, which works to prevent adolescent suicide in adolescents and youth through civic engagement, is implemented by the Women’s Leadership as part of the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia’s Good Governance Initiative Fund with financial support from USAID.