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May 11, 2018

Better Business Benefits All

Reducing administrative barriers to business development positively impacts national welfare
May 11, 2018

Simplified Services Bring Citizens out of the “Shadows”

The identification and standardization of ‘hidden’ government services not only reduces bureaucratic red tape, but also encourages stronger and
January 18, 2018


Mother of two Armangul was tired of the gadgets. Her 12-year-old son, in particular, would hardly lift his head from the screen. “The boy is

September 12, 2017

The step to meet

Oleg Kozedub is the winner of 2016 Zharkyra Program. Oleg participated in the program to expand the “Fairytale” children's cultural center. The center in the city of Atyrau was established in 2013 for the education of children in the spirit of revival and preservation of the traditions of the peoples living on the territory of Kazakhstan. This is an unusual game space formed in the interiors of several fairy tales based on the world's people’s fairy tales.

At the center the kids and adults meet with the real fairy-tale characters and enjoy the journey through the labyrinth of tales.

All parents dream of their children to be happy, healthy, and able to communicate with other people. Socializing is one of the most important human needs, which helps to understand oneself, to find a place in life. The ability to communicate, build relationships with other people - these are important qualities that are laid and are formed in childhood.

Yana S. – a six year old girl, first appeared in our center in July 2016. All remembered her; she visited regularly the Museum of fairy tales, but flatly refused to come without her mother. The girl refused to participate in games and performance of tasks, preferring the role of passive spectator. The reluctance to interact with children and actors, isolation, uncertainty, low cognitive activity were often accompanied by tearfulness. According to my mother, "She is a homish child, used to communicate only with close relatives, and at home behaves actively, willingly takes part in joint activities."

The idea of bringing Yana to drama school belonged to the mother. And she was not mistaken. The first session, during which with the teacher on acting Darina Tambovtseva, the parent decided to come with her daughter once again.

Theatrical activity is not only a tool of child’s creative and spiritual development, but it also helps to cope with timidity, lack of confidence, shyness.

Today, Yana is one of the most active members of Buratino drama school. She likes playing sketches for the main emotions, including sadness, joy, anger, disgust, surprise, quarrel, fear, offence and gratitude.

The girl became more confident, emotional, independent, and not afraid to be without mom. We do not claim that she completely got rid of the problems related to the communicative behavior, but we hope that her relationship with the outside world has become more harmonious.

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