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May 11, 2018

Better Business Benefits All

Reducing administrative barriers to business development positively impacts national welfare
May 11, 2018

Simplified Services Bring Citizens out of the “Shadows”

The identification and standardization of ‘hidden’ government services not only reduces bureaucratic red tape, but also encourages stronger and
January 18, 2018


Mother of two Armangul was tired of the gadgets. Her 12-year-old son, in particular, would hardly lift his head from the screen. “The boy is

September 12, 2017

From the bottom of the heart

Salima Sarbalina is acardiologist in Zhylyoi clinic. The possibility to realize her project appeared in 2016 when Salima participated in Zharkyra Social entrepreneurship development Program. Salima’s project called "narrow section Medical diagnostic study of the cardiovascular system Meyirim passed in the second round of the competition among the other 25 projects".

As a cardiologist, Salima faced with the problem of diagnosing cardiovascular patients in due to lack of special medical devices in the clinic. It is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without them. So she sent their patients to be examined in Atyrau.

Salima has long thought that Kulsary needs a cardiac medical center. But for the implementation of her ideas she did not have sufficient resources, and she was afraid of taking a loan or a state subsidies.

 “All training sessions, meetings which I had visited, covered only the medical sphere. Here I learned about finance, calculations, marketing, sales and presentations skills. Particularly I wish to note Askar Serkebayev and Galym Zhakupov. Thanks to them, I came to an idea of how to implement my project”, - says Salima.

Right after winning the competition, she went to Astana on a refresher course thanks to Zharkyra program. Salima took a three months refresher at the Medical University of Astana in "Functional diagnosis". Salima took retraining very seriously, with great responsibility. Classes have been settled only for half a day, but she stayed for the whole day, not missing the opportunity to consult with other doctors.

"During the refresher course, I keenly felt the need for Holter and ABPM devices. Before, I did not fully understand the conclusion of Atyrau doctors for the indications of my patients, but now I understand very well these conclusions and very willing to work with devices",- says Salima.

After the refresher course has come no less important moment – purchase of equipment. She addressed for advice to the doctor-cardiologist of Cardiomed clinic in Atyrau. On the recommendation of colleague she selected a supplier that provides a full range of services for installation, training and support.

Salima has successfully passed the test for a functional diagnosis and received a certificate. She submitted the documents for the license to practice medical activities and prepared a medical room. The next step is installation of devices which is scheduled for February 2017.

Salima is happy that she had an opportunity to become a social entrepreneur: "Social Entrepreneur’s status and prestige is much better than of an individual entrepreneur. Thank you for having such a program, organization and the people who work on it".

We wish success to Salima in her good undertakings!

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