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January 18, 2018


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January 15, 2018

Peace starts at home

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November 6, 2017

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The Women’s Leadership Fund is partnering with schools across Kazakhstan to pilot the “TEENS” early intervention and support program, designed

September 12, 2017

Blood stroke is not a verdict

Elvira Aitueva is a neurologist, reflexologist at Zhylyoi central district clinic and Manan medical office in Kulsary city. Elvira opened the medical office, when she realized that number of people who have suffered from a blood stroke is growing every year.

Consequences of blood stroke in the absence of early rehabilitation is almost always is a disability. There are no health centers for the prevention and early rehabilitation of these patients in Kulsary. Elvira is one of the winners of the Zhyrkyra program for the development of social entrepreneurship.

Under the program together with her nurse, she underwent training at Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education in Astana. Elvira plans to purchase exercise equipment for rehabilitation and physical therapy for the funds received under the Zharkyra program.

One of Elvira’s patients is Kenzhebike Mukhamedalieva born in 1959, resident of the city of Kulsary, of Zhylyoi district. Kenzhebike worked as a kindergarten teacher, lead a happy life until in 2011 suffered a blood stroke.

“I was confused; it seemed to me that life is over. I became deeply depressed. Life lost its meaning, I felt helpless: could not serve myself, take food, walk and often needed a constant care”, - recalls Kenzhebike.

Initially she was received treatment at a local hospital. When in 2013 opened a medical center Manan, Kenzhebike started treatment by Elvira. Treatment includes acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and psychological assistance.


"After the first treatment I felt much better, although the limb paresis remained, there was a hope for recovery. Today I received 4 courses of rehabilitation and now getting better: I walk with a cane, and serve myself and not a burden to anyone. I want to address the people who have suffered such a serious illness, "stroke - it is not a verdict and life after stroke continues", - says Kenzhebike.

Kenzhebike tells about Elvira with gratitude and not only as a doctor but also as a responsive person. She is grateful to everyone who helps Elvira in the implementation of her uneasy, but useful for the community project. She hopes that the new equipment for the physical therapy will help her and other patients to improve their health.