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Citizen Engagement and Good Governance

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December 7, 2017

Training “Inclusive building design: construction and accessibility for PWD” brought together

Public Foundation “Accessible Pavlodar” hosted in Pavlodar 12 trainings “Inclusive building design: construction and accessibility for people

October 19, 2017

Social teachers of Almaty learned to work with the parents of teenagers at risk for suicide

USAID/GGIF project “TEENS: affordable and high quality help” held the second module of an advanced training for specialists who work with the

October 2, 2017

Azaliya Dayirbekova: Public organizations must prove their competence in terms of provision of state

Transfer of state services provision to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is one of the trends of state policy of Kazakhstan. While this principle

August 23, 2017

The USAID to host training for people with disabilities in Pavlodar

GGIF project “Accessible Pavlodar” hosted on August 5, 2017 training for people with disabilities “How to manage our emotions?”

July 12, 2017

Agrobiz.kz becomes a bridge to launch cooperation between Kazakh and German farmers

In early July 28 farmers from Germany made a visit to Almaty oblast. Foreign guests were represented by heads of agro enterprises, investors and

June 26, 2017

200 parents in Almaty received counseling from psychologists and teachers within the TEENS project

Since May 2017 in schools of Almaty classes for parent groups are conducted. They are taught by school psychologists and social educators who received

June 26, 2017

Business portal "agrobiz.kz" was presented to the farmers in South Kazakhstan

On June 12-13 seminar-trainings titled "Agrobiz.kz - a new opportunity for interaction and development of agribusiness entities" were held in Arys and

June 26, 2017

Focus group on identifying hidden state services was held in Pavlodar

On June 14 the information fund FIPRO within the framework of the Eurasia Foundation project "Service Quality - Zone of Public Control" implemented

June 16, 2017

USAID project to hold trainings in Almaty on advocacy and social marketing

USAID project "Good Governance Initiative Fund" implemented by the EFCA, will host trainings on advanced level advocacy for NGO grantees of the

June 1, 2017

A focus group meeting with government officials on identifying hidden public services was held in

Project "Service Quality - Zone of Public Control" of the Private foundation for society development informational support within the framework of the

June 1, 2017

GGIF announces Photo Contest Winner

In early May USAID program Good Governance Initiative Fund announced a Photo Contest among its grantees. Since that time we received a bunch of

May 24, 2017

Presentation of the project "Accessible Pavlodar" at the Republican seminar-meeting

In the city of Pavlodar, under the patronage of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a republican

April 26, 2017

USAID launches a project "Scaling of substitution maintenance therapy for the treatment of drug

NGO "Aman-saulyk" within the framework of the program “Good Governance Initiative Fund”, realized by Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia under the

April 24, 2017

Israeli experts worked with school psychologists in Almaty

GGIF project “TEENS: Accessible and Quality Assistance” hosted a six-day (April 10-15) training course in Almaty to approve a program on upgrading

April 24, 2017

A seminar on Integrated Model of Special Social Services was held in Kyzylorda

The Social Corporate Foundation "ZUBR" within the USAID project “Good Governance Fund Initiative” hosted a presentation seminar "Integrated Model

April 11, 2017

Learning to write quality projects

April 10th-11th in Almaty, «Association of Women with Disabilities «Shyrak» is conducting a training course "Learning to write quality projects"

April 11, 2017

Agrarian portal was presented for farmers in Almaty oblast

Farmers and representatives of Koksu district akimats of Almaty region gathered today for a training seminar where they were presented the first

April 11, 2017

Trainings for Public service centers employees were held in Turkestan and Saryagash

On April 3rd-4th in Turkestan in the South Kazakhstan oblast, a technical meeting took place during which the results of a sociological study

March 14, 2017

Rinad Temirbekov: Government and NGOs must learn to report about changes in society

Almaty. March 14. KazTAG - Vladimir Radionov. One of the latest trends in the non-governmental sector of Kazakhstan is the fact that the Government

March 9, 2017

Akimat: over 20 people daily visit website "Accessible Pavlodar"

Deputy akim of Pavlodar region Meiram Begentayev at the expanded board meeting of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan, held on

January 24, 2017

NGO to play a significant role in providing an access to HIV rapid testing

Organization of legal entities “KazUnion of people living with HIV” within the program of USAID/PEPFAR under the project of Eurasia Foundation of

May 23, 2016

Press conference on the theme: "Equal access to public services of residents with disabilities: Myth

Almaty, Kazakhstan - May 31, 2016 at 12:00 hours, in the IC Kazakhstan Press Club (Almaty, md Samal-2, house 58, BC "Sәttі" 7th floor), the Fund

May 20, 2016

Post-release: A seminar for farmers was held in the Almaty region

May 17-18, 2016. In the cities of Issyk and Talgar of the Almaty region, the Public fund "Fund of local communities in the Enbekshikazakh district"

May 17, 2016

The action "Do good" for children with HIV has passed in Ust-Kamenogorsk

Individual entrepreneurs of the regional center presented toys and stationery to 21 children living with the human immunodeficiency virus.

May 17, 2016

Presentation of the project "Model of availability of the special social services for people with

Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan - May 19, 2016. The Public Association "Alpamys" in the framework of the USAID program "Initiative in support of effective

April 20, 2016

Shelek hosted a meeting of the support group “equals”

Shelek- On 7th of April CF “Erekshe Tanday Shelek” conducted a meeting of the support group “equals” for 15 children with disabilities within

Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)

Дата начала: 10/1/14 Дата завершения: 9/30/18

Общая информация о проекте

The Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF) is funded by USAID and implemented in the Republics of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

The goal of the program is to support the activities of civil society organizations and local communities in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, including the institutionalization of ongoing governance reform, which lead to the improvement of public services, functions, processes, policies, and legal regulations.


1) To expand the capabilities of Kazakh and Tajik civil society organizations to strategically plan, coordinate and implement comprehensive campaigns aimed at reforming and improving the relationships between citizens and the government, with an emphasis on improving the quality of public service provision and public policy.

2) To increase capacity of civil society organizations located outside the cities of Astana, Almaty, and Dushanbe, by promoting and scaling initiatives in the field of governance which are already being implemented at the local level.

3) To promote improved effectiveness of reform programs and to create synergies and learning between GGIF participants.

The program is implemented through multi-phased grants to Kazakh and Tajik civil society organizations working in the area of governance reform, including organizations located outside of large cities. Funds awarded under the program will support the implementation of specific reforms, as well as support capacity building activities for grant recipients. The project is expected to include two grant cycles. Each cycle will include Phase 1, a small projects competition, and Phase 2, scale-up of successful reforms.

The GGIF is designed to promote systematic cooperation between civil society organizations and government authorities which will lead to long-term improvements in public services or policies in diverse spheres. Examples may include, but are not limited to, education, public health, public transport, urban/rural infrastructure, mass media, environment, etc. The open architecture of the program will focus on initiatives which provide a realistic road map for achieving concrete, long-term results.

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