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Получатели Описание Конкурс Проект Донор Год Сумма
«Petropavlovsk Regional Association of Homeowners Cooperatives» The project aims to increase the quality of housing management through improved accountability of homeowners’ associations to local residents and involvement of homeowners in decision-making processes through an internet-based voting system.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 595 645 тг.
Public fund “Desenta”, Pavlodar Project “Involvement of the Urban Population in the Process of Governance and Issue Resolution in the city of Pavlodar through the Adoption of a Geo-Information System”   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 613 800 тг.
Representative Office of the International Foundation “Children of Chernobyl and Aral” (CCA), Kyzylorda Project “A Child in the Family” Project Goal: Adoption of an integrated model of social services to prevent the abandonment of children aged 0-3 in Kyzylorda.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 720 000 тг.
Social Corporate Foundation “ZUBR”, Ust-Kamenogorsk Project “Integrated Social Services Model – Client-Oriented Approach to Systems Management” Project Goal: Development and testing of an integrated social services model and increased effectiveness of the Special Social Services (SSS) management system.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 710 105 тг.
Public Association “Raduga”, Kostanai Project “For Those Who are Always There” Project Goal: To facilitate the development of recommendations for Kazakhstani legislation to define the legal status of guardians for people over 18 with disabilities from childhood, and to provide financial assistance to support the care of people with disabilities from childhood.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 720 000 тг.
Public Foundation “Charter for Human Rights”, Almaty Project: Dialogue Between Government Agencies and Civil Society on the Promotion of Kazakhstan’s International Responsibilities Project Goal: In partnership with the secretariat of the advisory body, “Dialogue Platform on Human Dimension” under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, provide feasible mechanisms and procedures for interaction between NGOs and government agencies for the implementation of recommendations by the advisory body.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 4 719 275 тг.
Youth Association “Union of Youth Temirtau», Temirtau Project “My Deputy” Project Goal: Systemic improvement of the effectiveness of elected officials in resolving issues and protecting the interests of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, through the creation of a universal mobile application and web-resource for interaction between elected officials and the population.   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2015 3700000 тг.
Public Foundation "Foundation 0f communities of Enbekshikazakh district", Almaty region, Enbekshikazakh district, Esik Improving the efficiency of the interaction system between the farming community and state bodies, organizations, financial institutions, market sector and the population through the automation of the process of obtaining and dissemination of information   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2016 5 350 668 тг.
International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech "Adil Soz", Almaty, Astana Strengthening the principles of freedom of speech by improving the regulatory framework and law enforcement in criminal cases of intentional defamation   Good Governance Initiative Fund (GGIF)   USAID 2016 5 342 792 тг.