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Unpaid Development Intern at Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Almaty

Country: Kazakhstan

Position: Development Intern at Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Almaty

Internship Dates: summer (June – August) or year-round (depending on applicant availability)


EFCA Description:

The Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia is a regional non-profit organization founded in 2005 to mobilize public and private resources to strengthen local communities and improve the civic and economic wellbeing of the citizens in the region. EFCA’s mission is to mobilize public and private resources to help citizens promote effective solutions to social problems at the national and regional level. Our organization, with offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, strives to have the greatest impact in fostering a society where citizens are actively involved in improving social, cultural, legal and economic well-being.  Some current projects include improving the capacity of human rights NGOs in south Kazakhstan to provide legal advocacy services, piloting and scale-up of good governance initiatives through NGO innovation, and developing NGO trainer expertise and knowledge-exchange through Kazakhstan’s first “NGO Expert Center.” Additional information about EFCA and its projects can be found on its website, www.ef-ca.kz.


An internship with the Eurasia Foundation provides the opportunity to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of civil society development in post-Soviet Kazakhstan, particularly with regards to the role of NGOs
  • Gain program management and administration experience by supporting coordination and communication of EFCA’s NGO development and civil society support programs
  • Develop professional contacts through participation in meetings, forums, and community events with companies, foundations and other NGOs in Almaty
  • Assist in the development and design of new EFCA projects and programs
  • Conduct research into new program areas, potential partnerships, and new fundraising opportunities
  • Assist in the development, design, and dissemination of EFCA PR and social media content
  • Practice Russian language in an immersive environment (optional)

Brief Description: The intern will support EFCA’s Research & Development department, which is directly involved in new fundraising opportunities, desk/field research, and monitoring and evaluation for all EFCA projects. Additionally, the intern will have the opportunity to support the Program department in the direct implementation of EFCA projects, including scheduling, logistics, editing, and translation. Interns will be expected to participate in staff meetings, trainings, and community events.

Note: Knowledge of Russian language is a plus, but not required.


Experience/Skills Desired: Strong communication and presentation skills, analytical and research skills, writing skills, attention to detail, and interest in cross-cultural exchange.


Application Instructions: Interested candidates please submit a copy of CV/resume, cover letter to almaty@ef-ca.org


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