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Initiative on NGO Experts Development

Date of Beginning: 12/15/11 Date of End: 3/31/16

Project Information

Project goal:

The project is designed to contribute to NGO organizational and capacity building in Kazakhstan by strengthening the capacity of NGO leaders and NGO trainers.

Project objectives:

The program consists of four main components which work in parallel to provide relevant and accessible resources to the NGO sector:

  • Centre for NGO Expertise, a learning and resource platform which offers professional development for NGO trainers, consultants and NGO leaders opportunities for skill-building and career advancement, and networking and coordination for NGO projects, activities, and research.
  • First one-line MBA “Management in NGO sector” at the Almaty Management University - a professional degree program providing training in administration and management of nonprofit organizations with an aim to prepare effective and creative leaders in the nonprofit sector.
  • NGO Expert Centre’s website,, a free professional resource center for trainers, NGOs, and other interested members in the wider community.
  • Trainings, seminars and workshops to foster sustained development of Center Alumni trainers and interested community members by expanding traineeship development, as well as professional framework of regional NGOs.

Please contact

Alma Sholpankulova, tel: + 7 (727) 250 18 10, ext.124

Project in mass media

Статья в от 23.04.2014 "Казахоязычный тренинг для тренеров, лидеров НПО, участников проекта"

Статья в Панораме от 23.10.2014 "Представители Казахстанских НПО повышают свой уровень"

Статья в газете от 23.03.2015 "Регион Евразия" о тренинге "Мониторинг и Оценка деятельности НПО", г. Атырау 

Открыта регистрация на программу MBA "Менеджмент в некоммерческом секторе", 2015г.

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Казахоязычный справочник терминов для НПО

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